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Coatings & New Energy

Food & Pharmacy

Never stop to innovate & pursuit the new technology,which always make Jinzong stay ahead in the industries. Jinzong has the first quantity of patents & certificate of honors in the industry. Science and technology create Jinzong,Good quality change world.

  • Chemical Industry
  • Coatings & New Energy Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry
  • Pharmacy & Food Industry
  • Intelligent Production System
  • IoT Application

Jinzong abide by "quality first, service-oriented" as a fundament; always with "delicate, quality, continuous improvement" quality policy for center of brand strategy, and constantly improve the quality management system,“Mutual benefit and win-win”as Jinzong cooperated principle, always adhere to the spirit of " pioneering, innovation, and truth-seeking", and won the good reputation in the industry.

Jinzong has advanced production equipment,and 80% of the main components & parts of the products are provided by world famous suppliers,which make sure the products quality and reliability.

Jinzong is based on “global business,best service”,Jinzong has south of China,east of China,North of China,west of China four parts sale and service centre,and Jinzong also expand and built up the sale & service network around the world.


News activities



Vacuum Emulsify Machine

Custom Reactor

Dispersion Machine

Sanding Machine

Mixing Machine

Filling Machine

Cream emulsion machine

Stainless steel storage tank

Water treatment machine

Primary fermentation equipment

Automatic production system

Cosmetics production equipment

Cream production equipment

Liquid production equipment

perfume production equipment

Lipstick production equipment

Fog tank production line equipment

Powder production line equipment

Toothpaste production line equipment

Soap production line equipment

Chemical production equipment

Alkyd resin production line equipment

Acrylic resin production line equipment

PU polyurethane production line equipment

Epoxy resin production line equipment

Polyol production line equipment

Silicone oil production line equipment

Hot melt adhesive production line equipment

Modified rosin resin production line equipment

Adhesive production line equipment

Water reducing agent production line equipment

LED raw material mixing production line equipment

Water based acrylic acid production line equipment

Water based PU resin production line equipment

Paint production equipment

Oil paint production line equipment

Ink production line equipment

New Energy materials production equipment

Lubricating oil production line equipment

Vehicle fuel tank production line equipment

Food additive production equipment

Pharmaceutical equipment

Ointment production line equipment

Syrup production line equipment

Injection and potion production line equipment

Internet application

Contact Us

Headquarters Add: Tian An HI-tech Ecological Park, Panyu Dist., Guangzhou City, China
Factory Add:NO.3, Kangtai Street, Zhaoqing National High-tech Zone(Dawang),Guangdong Province
Tel: 86-758-3623881

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  • official Weibo
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